I try not to look into the mirror otherwise I start thinking about how I feel

Looking in the mirror is a good way to start doubting yourself.

Looking a bit peeky? Loss of colour? Illness round the corner?

Health anxiety is a blight. Our health is discussed all the time on the news. Diets, nutrition, the thousand ways to stay healthy. It is no wonder that we find it hard to Keep Calm And Carry On.

You can call it Social Phobia or Health Anxiety or Agoraphobia or any title you like. The rub end is that feeling relaxed about yourself in a self-concious world is not always  easy. For some getting out the door is a hurdle in itself, let alone putting on a good show at the pub.

A thousand signs both physical and psychological can start a downward spiral. A feeling in the stomach, a taste in the mouth, catching your breath or a tightness in the chest. The trick is learn how to rise above these feelings before you change your plans because Anxiety thrives on getting you to change your plans. That’s how it grows.

Don’t let it grow.


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