I try not to eat too much just in case I might be sick

Cafe culture hides the fact that you can go out and do not have to eat. That’s good news for the emetophobic who dreads the possibility of getting ill or throwing up having eaten contaminated food or catching a virus.

So although you can hide your fear by not eating, or eating very carefully selected foods or at special places that’s really no way to have a life.

Avoidance is the obsession of the anxiety sufferer. Planning what to eat or how to avoid eating or finding the trusted eatery are just a few of the schemes that occupy the person trying very hard to avoid an encounter with embarrassment.

Eating at a restaurant seems the most natural thing in the world, which is why anxiety raised its ugly head. If it should be fun and easy then the mind begins to doubt that it can handle this simple activity. Bungee jumping is supposed to be scary but not sitting in Starbucks, so the mind berates and nags, thus creating more discomfort.

At least no one can see the fear.

Many sufferers don’t even make it to the cafe and have banished themselves by staying away or worse…staying at home.

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