With Public Speaking start my fear about those opening words six weeks in advance

The round the table meeting is informal, it is low-key, it means nothing but can be a dreaded feature of office life.

Public Speaking Fear can reduce grown men to shivering lumps of nothingness.

Lawyers, actors, yes actors! and pretty much anyone can incubate a fear of public speaking.

The fear of clamming up and choking on the words, blushing and generally look nervous becomes an absolute number one must avoid situation. All kinds of excuses are made to avoid this confrontation and blunts confidence. Everyone else seems confident so I must be the only one with this weird problem, so goes the inner dialogue.

They say it is the number one fear in the world, higher on the list than fear of dying and way above those paltry spiders. Humiliation is what we try to avoid and making a speech can promise shame in bucket loads.

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