I really don’t want to ruin the happiest day of my life with wedding nerves

Everyone says how your wedding day should be the happiest day of your life.

Facebook posts are littered with photos that shout that this was  ‘happiest day of my life’. The expectation is that the wedding day must and should be the best day..ever.

Enter: Wedding Nerves.

Worry can cast a huge cloud months in advance. Bride and groom alike have the ability to dread the day when such a public display prompts the anxious and creative mind to make up a host of unappealing scenarios.

The list of possibilities is endless. Blushing, sweating, being ill, looking nervous and generally spoiling the happy day are some of the many ways we think we could destroy what could be a happy event.

The Mind and Body are suggestible. We only have to imagine something in order to get ‘that feeling’ in the body. This can work positively and negatively. Sadly we can create dread and fear and all the feelings that accompany it, months in advance of the due date. Sometimes after months of dread the actual day is good, after a few bumps and bruises. But what a waste of six months worry.

Modern Anxiety strikes again!


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