I get anxiety on tubes or trains, I prefer the bus, I can leave more easily

Trains are quick, tube trains are even quicker but for many the chance of having a panic attack makes them take a bus.

Avoiding the train can work for some and can be rationalised and excused in many clever ways. The bottom line is that what you avoid comes back to haunt you and in the meantime eats away at your confidence and self esteem.

The trouble is that buses can get caught in very slow moving traffic and fill up to the brim where it feels there is no escape. So that the fears of train journeys become transferred on to buses. Or a fear of flying can switch to other kinds of travelling worries.

So it may seem that taking the bus is the option that works for you, and it may, but it also might be just shifting the problem onto a form of transport that feels a bit better but does not get to the root of the issue.

For many the ‘root’ of the issue is a fear of something happening, sometimes an unspecified thing, but none the less a ‘thing’ that must be avoided at all costs. Standing up to this fear is the way to beat the anxiety. Shifting the mode of transport will often not sort the problem out.

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