If Hugh Grant gets anxiety, what hope is there for us?

Did you know that Hugh Grant has suffered from Anxiety for years?

Well Hollywood got hold of the story here

This is potentially bad news for those of us less handsome and successful than Hugh Grant. If all those good looks, lucky breaks, money and that acting ability doesn’t convince him, how can lesser mortals convince themselves of their right to be confident?

Hugh says that his anxiety comes out of the blue, it just ambushes him. This is unlikely. I would love to know if he has tried relaxation techniques which could give him a bit of backup when he gets those flashes of panic on set. His body and mind would definitely being doing something at those panic moments to send him into flight mode. He is not a slave to that feeling, he just doesn’t know what do with it.

Well maybe there is some good news here in a sort of reverse way. Maybe the outward signs of achievement and confidence don’t always equate to inner confidence. Maybe it means that there is hope for us mere mortals who slave away with more humble surfaces, like er…Toby Jones.

Toby Jones (actor…from Dulwich of course) is…well… how can I put it… well he’s no Hugh Grant. But that doesn’t seem to stop him from beasting it on loads of films particularly the arch baddie on Sherlock this Christmas plus load of other great roles. Appearances don’t seem to count for much, whether it’s skill or confidence that you are after. Maybe it’s time to stop wishing you were somebody else, I don’t mean Toby Jones, I mean you. The one who is waiting to feel confident.

If we can put aside that nagging idea that we need to prove our confidence and swagger by some outward sign then maybe we are on to something. How about channelling your inner Toby Jones…it’s worth a try!

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