I can only eat at McDonalds, no other place is safe in my opinion

The big fast food chains are a place of safety if you are travelling. Any other food outlet is un-tested and can create anxiety in the modern sufferer. Have you wondered how well food chains do in far away places. It’s not the familiarity, it’s the sense of trust. It’s a safe option in an unusual setting.

The fear of contamination and food poisoning makes a person restrict their choices of where to eat. It takes away all the fun of being spontaneous and enjoying the huge range of foods on offer in the high street.

Caution haunts the person who is always trying to avoid their fear as they dream of being carefree and easygoing.

The world is full of picky eaters who navigate their way through life choosing from a select  but small array of foods. The choice is arbitrary to the onlooker but the sufferer has made host of connections with the foods that make them safe or unsafe in their minds.

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